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Cynovo was founded in 2008 by a group of research scientists, senior engineers, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, CA. It has since become a market leader in advanced mobile payment devices and solutions with unparalleled online transaction security.

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Established in Aug 18th, 2008 by a group of scientists and senior engineers from Silicon Valley, Cynovo has since become an international innovation company specialized in design and manufacture of latest terminals. With its development ability in integration of software and hardware and cloud data platform, its latest versions of smart POS terminals have enjoyed high prestige home and abroad. Until now, it has realized more than 150 million sales volume and the sales is growing ever more rapidly.

Our Honors in Approval Process

Our team realized customization desire from customer perfectly with the excellent design. The customization products are widely used in restaurants and other merchants worldwide.

Our team played an important role in writing the first ever Smart Payment Terminal Standard with China UnionPay.

Desktop POS PAR10 obtained 3C certification, passed UnionPay security assessment, PBOC3.0 contact terminal Level 1&Level 2 tests, PBOC3.0 IC card payment terminal tests, PBOC3.0 contactless communication tests and finally achieved the approval of China UnionPay. To serve the international market, PAR10 also got EMVCo letter of approval of contact terminal Level 1 & Level 2.

Our team developed the handheld dual-screen smart POS PAR6, which is so unique in the market. Optimization work of its size, position of ports and others is always carried on to ensure the best customer experience. It achieved PCI approval of PIN Transaction Security Testing Program this year.

Handheld POS PAR6 obtained 3C certification and passed as many tests as PAR10, finally got the approval of China UnionPay.

Handheld POS PAR6 obtained telecommunication connection approval issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information.

About Us

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10+ Patents in the Payment Field

5+ Authorized Certifications


Our smart POS terminals support all the present popular payment methods including cash payment, card payment, no matter magnetic stripe card or IC Card, barcode payment such as Alipay and Wechatpay, contactless payment such as Applepay.
Cynovo smart POS terminals are widely used in restaurants, retails, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment merchants and etc.
Cynovo smart POS terminals have obtained UnionPay approval, EMVCo approval, PCI PTS approval and WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) approval.
Cynovo desktop smart POS terminal PAR10 integrates LAN port and supports Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth connection. Cynovo handheld smart POS terminal PAR6 supports Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth connection, so you can enjoy Internet surfing anywhere with it in your hand.

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Cynovors are appoaching their goals with confidence.

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