Our products support various payment methods not limited to Magnetic Stripe Card, IC Card, NFC, Alipay and Wechat.


Desk-stand Android 4.4 Smart POS
10.1 inch Multi-touch High Definition Screen
Multiple I/O Interfaces Designed under Base
Extra Screen, Pinpad, Cashbox and etc can be connected
3G, Bluetooth, Wifi Modules Inside



Handheld Android 4.4 Smart POS
5.94 inch Multi-touch High Definition Main Screen
3.5 inch Customer Screen for Password Input, E-Signature, ADs Display, 2D Barcode Display, etc…
Printer Attached, 800M Camera Integrated
3G, Bluetooth, Wifi Modules Inside


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Cynovo's New Android Payment Gadget: A Walkable All-in-One POS "Par6" at 2017 CES

Cynovo's newly released Par6 is a hit at CES this week for the payment industry. It is an Android mobile POS device which has the platform to enable payment gateways and processors. Certified by PCI PTS and EMVco, it reaches high safety level and is a perfect All-in-One POS solution for banks and merchants.

(1888PressRelease) January 09, 2017 - Would you rather stand still waiting for your customers to come to your shop counter to pay every time, or you can help them make sensible buying decisions near the product spots? Would you mind leave your payment device at the dining table for customer to self-serve or have them wait for your servants too long? Would you come to the show floor or customer's home office to do business hoping getting payment/deposit made?

If the answer is "Yes" to better help sales, then you should take a hard look at this innovative Android payment device, Cynovo's mobile solution, Par6.

Showing now at 2017 CES for floor demo and mass production order, Cynovo's Par6 has what l you need, whether payment options, or printing options. It has the payment module that can handle magnetic cards, EMV cards with IC chip, NFC cards and phones such as Apple iPhone's ApplePay, along with dual-screen touch panels for customer facing (3.5" size) and servant's interaction (6" size). The device is cost-effective $269, with options to link the most popular business apps you have had.

Cynovo Group is hitting the dynamic payment industry again with new products, it has served as a consistant inventor of the next generation payment hardware /systems. It was founded in 2008 by a group of research scientists, senior engineers, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, CA. It has since become a market leader in advanced mobile payment devices and solutions with unparalleled online transaction security. They provide the Android-based mobile payment and point-of-sale (POS) hardware systems (including tabletop Par10, handheld Par6), along with the online payment gateway and processor platform connectivity, that connects to backend secure clouds. Those devices have been certified by China UnionPay, PCI and EMVCo for MSR, EMV, and NFC functions.

Cynovo's partner vertical applications are loyalty card services, restaurant food self ordering services, over the counter financial banking tabletop, and shopping mall cash registers. Additionally, It has been an ODM for a number of leading companies in hospitality and retail industries in the US,EMEA and Asia.


20+ Partners

10+ Patents in the Payment Field

5+ Authorized Certifications


Our smart POS terminals support all the present popular payment methods including cash payment, card payment, no matter magnetic stripe card or IC Card, barcode payment such as Alipay and Wechatpay, contactless payment such as Applepay.
Cynovo smart POS terminals are widely used in restaurants, retails, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment merchants and etc.
Cynovo smart POS terminals have obtained UnionPay approval, EMVCo approval, PCI PTS approval and WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) approval.
Cynovo desktop smart POS terminal PAR10 integrates LAN port and supports Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth connection. Cynovo handheld smart POS terminal PAR6 supports Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth connection, so you can enjoy Internet surfing anywhere with it in your hand.

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